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Exterior Cleaning Professionals


House Washing

Dirt, Algae, Mold & Mildew Growth . This handful of unsightly contaminants can ruin the exterior of your home or building. We can safely remove these contaminants with our expert house pressure washing service that poses no risk of damage to your home’s exterior or landscaping.

Deck Cleaning

Whether you hit the deck or not, you may notice some blemishes and stains from years of exposure to the elements. Bakkers can deal with nasty weather that can cause your deck to lose its charm and good looks. 


Concrete Cleaning
We clean the concrete to restore its like-new appearance! This will keep your concrete from pitting or crumbling, and help prevent cracks.

Exterior Window Cleaning


We use state-of-the-art cleaning technology and solutions to keep those windows sparkling (We Do NOT Remove Window Screens)

Concrete Cleaning

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